What Type of Issues you may get if you start Rummy business?

The 13 card game is exceptional and it is very famous in India. If you want to make sure that you start earning money right after setting your foot on the internet then it is best to have an online rummy game. There is not only so much money in this game but also a lot of scopes 

Sometimes people go on to start an online Rummy business without even realizing that they may get into some kind of trouble. Today we are going to tell you about the kind of issues that you may get when you start Rummy business.  Just make sure that you solve these issues before launching your online Rummy website so you can start earning right away.

Development Issues!

Developing a rummy game is not easy because it takes a lot of dedication and expertise. If you’d go for just any development company to develop the game that isn’t the right choice for you… Make sure that you look for professional developers or professional game development companies so you do not get into any issue.

It is necessary that the online rummy game has all the features in the right place and only a professional development company can do. So go for the right game development company.

Server Issues

To launch an online rummy game you will definitely need a server but you can get into server issues if you do not take precaution. If you want to launch an online rummy game then make sure that you choose from VPS server, dedicated server or cloud hosting server. We would suggest that cloud hosting is much more reliable than all the other servers. Go for this server so you do not get any issue. Dedicated hosting server can be too expensive and  VPS server may drag your game so make sure that you go for cloud hosting.

License Issues

It is true that a 13 card game is a legal game in India but still it is good to acquire a license before launching an online rummy game. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to already have all the necessary things in your pocket and a license is one such thing.   You definitely would not want to get into any trouble after launching your online rummy games so make sure that you get the license. After having the license there will not be any worry for you and that is the thing you should go for.

As per our knowledge, you do not need special permission to start a rummy website. Just like you start any business in India, you would need a business license to start a rummy business but it is good to have some type of certifications to make APPLICATION is trustable in users mind those are,

RNG : However, the Random Number Generation system in place and a RNG system verification certificate from a reputed laboratory are two very crucial and must-haves for the rummy sites.

SSL : Secured Site = The majority of users are skeptical about whether or not their personal data (name, password and payment details) are secured. A secured SSL site addresses that requirement and ensures information cannot be leaked/hacked. Having an HTTPS site also helps to optimize search engines a bit

TST : It is an option if you are going to launch a world game the TST certificate will add more trust for users on the game Application. Because,TST has gained worldwide recognition for testing & consulting gaming industries based online or remotely, alongside with traditional casinos, e-commerce, lottery, and IT business fields.

Certificate from Local Authorities: if you want to run in a restricted area then we need to approach Local Govt for further permissions.

Payment Issues!

It is important for you to make everything easy for the users. If they will get some payment issues so they may not be able to stop on your website or application.  Make sure that the payment methods are easy so users or players do not get into any trouble.

It is important that you get some testers to test your website & application before you even launch it. Make the payment methods very easy so players can take interest and can receive payment efficiently.

Technical Issues

Dealing with online rummy games is not easy and it is totally possible that you get into some technical issues as well. If you are a Startup then it is important that you keep two to three people in your office so you can deal with the technical issues.

On the other hand, if you have launched an online rummy game on a large scale then make sure that you have a full-fledged team of Game development.  You need to make sure that your game is not facing any technical issue and that is running smoothly.  For that, you will need a team as long as the game lives…


There is so much money in online rummy games, you just need to follow the right procedure. Get all types of licenses to run games, choose the right Game Development Company or get well-experienced game developers, get a good server and you are good to go.