Playing Rummy games legal in India?

Online gamers often confuse rummy with gambling. However, rummy is not at all like gambling. It is a game of intelligence and skill. Although it is played with the help of cards, it does not require the gamer to leave everything to ‘chance.’ In a typical game of gambling, you will have to place a bet. After that, cards will be drawn by the dealer, or you will have to pick a number. If by chance the cards drawn matches with yours or the number that you have selected is the lucky number, then you will win the bet. Otherwise, you will lose the bet. Hence, in gambling, everything is left to chance or luck. Moon Rummy can just be an apt choice to build an online website.

However, rummy is not a game of chance and luck. It requires skill and ability to win a set of rummy. Some of the reasons why playing rummy is legal in India are as follows:

1. It is not a game of chance

The Indian legal system considers any game that is dependent entirely on luck and chance as gambling and gambling in any form is illegal in India. However, rummy is not a game of chance. To win a game of rummy, you will have to be alert, intelligent, and skilful. Rummy requires the gamer to make melds, which subsequently consists of sets of similar cards. The Indian rummy requires the player to make sets out of thirteen cards that have been distributed amongst the players. It is similar to the rummy played in the USA. Similarly, if you wish you to set an online website in India on rummy then all you need is to connect Moon rummy.  Once the cards have been distributed amongst the players, each player will have to try and make a meld. The player who can make the meld first is the winner. To make the melds, players have to draw and discard cards. This is where skill becomes necessary. The card you draw and the card you discard must be selected carefully. You must think carefully before discarding a card. If you reject a wrong card from your hand, chances are there that you might not be able to make a meld at all. Hence, you will have to be careful, skilled, and alert to win a game of rummy. The requirement of these skills from players sets rummy apart from gambling.

2. Rummy is Played by Adhering to Rules

Rummy is not a game of chance. Although there is the element of placing a bet and winning or losing it, yet rummy is primarily a game of skill. This is the primary reason for rummy being legal in India. In India, you can play rummy online, place bets, and win a game. The entire process is licensed, and the games are played strictly adhering to the rules. Chances of you being cheated on an online game of rummy are nearly impossible. However, when you play rummy online, ensure that a specific website has launched the game. After that, you can be assured that you will have to match your skill against worthy opponents. The rules of a game of rummy will also depend on the number of players. For example, if there are two players, then a deck of fifty-two cards will be used. But if you are playing against six players, then two such decks will be used. Thus, the rules of rummy are clearly defined, even if there is an element of money involved. This, too, sets the game apart from gambling. Moreover, the prize you win at the end of the game is like the trophy given to any match-winner. It is not like gambling, where winning or losing depends entirely on luck.

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3. Court Orders

The Supreme Court of India has also recently ruled that playing rummy is legal as it is a game of skill and ability. Rummy has been compared to other sports like golf and chess, where bets are placed, or substantial prize money is involved, yet these are not games of chance. Similarly, rummy is not a game of chance, but talent and skill. We give exceptional websites that can mesmerize rummy lovers and make them invest without a second thought.

Thus, starting an Online Rummy Gaming site in India is also legal. So if you’re looking to make a rummy game contact us today or If You Need Premium Rummy Game Developer.

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